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Outstanding expertise in label printing                          

through 22 years of experience

Thomas Wagner 1989 - 1992 Education as a letterpress- and offset printer at Lederer and afterwards Druckerei Hofer. 1992 - 1994 Entry into the labelprint industry at Maurer & Co in Vienna, Kaltenleutgeben. First contact with label presses like Viva and Nilpeter. 1994 - 1995 After the shutdown of the company Maurer & Co I did a short exchange to Ulikett in Inzersdorf, Vienna. First experience with Gallus label presses. 1995 - 2004 Marzek Labels Traiskirchen, Lower Austria On many different label presses i studied and practiced almost all existing printing and secondary processes. Letterpress, Lithography, Flexography and Silk Screen as printing processes. Coldfoiling, Hot foil stamping, Silk Screen printing as an effect, varnishing, lamination, converting as secondary processes. 2005 - 2011 Gallus Group St. Gallen, Switzerland After 13 years of experience in the production of self adhesive labels i decided to do my next and most important career step and hired as a process engineer at Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG in Switzerland. My duties included worldwide print technical training in theory and practice, print technical tests and special applications.process developement, process optimization and machine acceptance tese on different machine systems of the Gallus label press familiy. Highly specialized on Gallus combination presses as RCS 330 and 430, TCS 250, EM 280, ECS 340 and R 200. In addition I also did machine demonstrations at Gallus Switzerland and at fairs and exhibitions like Label Expo Brussels. In the years from 2005 until 2012 i trained 80% of the worldwide installed Gallus RCS Offset label presses. All across Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, South America and United States. Thereby i was able to rise up my print technical knowledge to perfection. Furthermore I built up the best international contacts in the label print industry. May 2011 I established the company “Label Technology Wagner” near St. Gallen, Switzerland, including 2 business units: 1. print techical training. With print technical training as an independent trainer for label presses, highly specialized on Gallus label presses i continued the cooperation with the Gallus Group. 2. Production of self adhesive labels, specialized on high end wine labels. April 2012 Founded as Label Technology Wagner in Switzerland, the demand on our wine labels in the viticulture regions of Austria grow up that rapidely that I decided to open a branch in the so called “Wine Quarter” of Lower Austria. Since April 2012 “Etiketten & Druck Wagner e.U.” established as an independent company in Eggenburg. Specialized in label printing, with a focus on high quality wine labels we produce only on the worlds most andvanced label preses, Gallus, made in Switzerland.  
Label Technology Wagner, powered by Etiketten & Druck Wagner e.U.    3730 Eggenburg    Austria    Tel: +43 2984 20801    Mobile: +43 664 937 71 31    mail: office(at)labeltechnology.eu